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let go OF the past and step into the life you want to be living. IT'S TIME TO manifest your true desires.


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About the book

Go beyond basic decluttering and get to the root of why you have such a hard time getting rid of your stuff. Clutter Intervention will teach you about the psychological, emotional, and energetic components underlying your possessions, making it easier for you to let go and live authentically.

About tisha

Tisha Morris is a best-selling author, feng shui expert, and business coach. Tisha holds a degree in Law and a Fine Arts degree in Interior Design. Tisha combines feng shui techniques, design aesthetics, coaching, and intuition to turn challenging spaces into supportive environments. Tisha facilitates workshops and works one-on-one with people and businesses to identify blocks and to make desired changes. Tisha is the host of Feng Shui Your Life podcast and the founder of Earth Home School of Feng Shui. 

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This course is taught in partnership with Spirituality & Health Magazine to help you let go of the past and step into your future. Discover how to clear out items associated with your past relationships, jobs, and unhealed grief. Once you know WHY you hold on to the things you hold on to, the letting go is easy.



This course is designed for coaches, feng shui consultants,  organizers, or other related practitioners who want to deepen their practice in the area of clutter. It teaches the psychological motivations of clutter and how to coach clients in breaking through their blocks. It can also be used for your own personal development. 

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This course is for holistic practitioners who are ready to put structure to their business. If you're ready to turn a passion or side gig into a business, this is the course for you. Wanting to rebrand, get clarity, or take your existing business to the next level? I will tell you how to build not just a business, but a legacy. 


My mission is to create a new way of living where spirituality meets design for the purpose of promoting positivity, wellbeing, happiness, and your best life. 

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