earth home team

The Earth Home Team has been selected by Tisha to offer a wider variety of feng shui and home-related services. All team members have received their certification from Earth Home School of Feng Shui and offer their unique services in feng shui or other related home services to areas across the globe. To schedule a consultation, contact team member directly through website link below.



Becky Bacon is an Organization and Productivity Coach helping professional women struggling with overwhelm and disorganization. With over 30 years’ experience supporting women and their environments, she offers a holistic approach which encompasses mind, body and space. Becky helps women simplify their systems, create a positive workflow, and implement mindful practices to reclaim their time, money, health and well-being. Serving San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Contact Becky at or 415.385.6057



Carrie Pitzulo is owner of Harmony Home Feng Shui, and is available for remote consultations as well as on-site work in northern Colorado. While she can address a variety of needs, Carrie particularly loves helping mothers and families. She understands how difficult it can be to create calm, order, and auspicious energy flow in the midst of children, toys, pets, and partners with different priorities. Carrie is also a teacher and writer, and has studied other metaphysical modalities including energy healing, shamanism, and tarot reading. She shares her space with her human, animal, and spirit family, and embraces the magic of the Divine Feminine with open arms. Contact Carrie at



Sara became a Reiki Practitioner to find much needed healing after a health issue and then became certified in Feng Shui. Practicing Reiki for over 7 years and Feng Shui for over 3, she has a studio in Falmouth, Maine.  She brings full soul care to her clients through energy work in style, space and self.  Sara has worked both locally and from afar, always infusing her work with love. Sara lives in Maine with her family.  She loves to be in the garden, at the beach and exploring. She loves the renewed energy that the change of seasons brings. Contact Sara at



Eils Lotozo is a certified Feng Shui consultant with a passion for helping cheap ambien buy people create a home that supports the kind of life they want to live and energize their business environment to foster the success they want to achieve. She serves clients in the greater Philadelphia metro area with her company Truly Home, and also offers focused and effective “virtual” Feng Shui consultations to those living outside her service area. Eils (pronounced “isles”) also specializes in interior redesign—a creative and affordable approach to interior decorating that transforms rooms using the things you already own and love. Eils brings her Feng Shui training to every project she does, including helping clients stage their homes to sell. Contact Eils at



Karin Anderson is a Certified Home Feng Shui consultant in Florida’s picturesque 30A beach community. Karin’s passion is to create homes that work for the wonderful people that live in them! Continually inspired by the peacefulness of the coast, Karin focuses on your home’s function and flow in order to make space for what inspires you. With so much to balance in our busy lives including families, friends, careers and hobbies, we all need our home to be a place that works for us. “I love working with clients to determine what you need and what you don't so that ultimately your home is filled only with the things you love!" Contact Karin at



Anna is a Holistic Stylist & Colour Consultant with a passion for houses. With a background in natural health, real estate sales, interior design and personal styling; Feng Shui is the perfect solution in bringing these skills together to offer a complete holistic service. Whether you want to transform your look or modernize your home, Anna uses the principals of Feng Shui to firstly determine your essence and aligning your style blueprint with your environment to create a vibe that harmonizes and heals, and a space that is an authentic and soulful expression of who you are. These principals can enhance all areas of your life, including your workplace, business and the home office for entrepreneurs. Consultations are available in person and online for all services.