This course is endorsed by the International Feng Shui Guild as a Bronze Level Course, but not for certification.

If you take this course and later decide to enroll in the Earth Home Feng Shui Certification Course, you will receive a $50 discount for the certification course.


  • An understanding of Feng Shui so that you can start applying it immediately
  • Video explanation and application of the Bagua Map
  • Discover which areas of your home take top priority
  • Find out what your dominant Five Element is and how to best incorporate it into your decor
  • Discover the best areas for you to clear clutter
  • Identify problem areas and how it relates to aspects of your life.
  • Construct an Action List to use even after the Course is over
  • Tap into the energy portals for love, money, career, health, and others.
  • Use affirmations with Feng Shui for a powerful boost.
  • Balance the Five Elements in your space to bring about harmony and balance.
  • Implement the Red Envelope Tradition to seal in the benefits of this Course.


  • A 4-Class module to do at your own pace
  • Each module contains PDF instruction, an MP3 audio by Tisha, and worksheets.
  • Video Instruction on How to Apply the Bagua Map
  • Interactive Worksheets
  • 3 Steps to Feng Shui Your Life
  • All your feng shui questions finally answered!


Class 101: Introduction to Feng Shui

  • Why Use Feng Shui?
  • The Mind-Body-Home Connection
  • Yin and Yang
  • The Five Elements

Class 201: What is Out of Balance

  • What is the Bagua Map
  • Bagua Map Overlay
  • Your Floorplan
  • Missing Corners

Class 301: Harmonizing Your Home

  • Each Gua and Its Meaning
  • Floor Plan Analysis
  • Feng Shui Remedies

Class 401: Uniting the Mind, Body, and Home

  • The Power of Clearing Clutter
  • How to Space Clear
  • Red Envelope Tradition

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Feng Shui Your Life Course
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