Whether it’s your home, an office, or a large corporation, space is the ultimate secret to your success. Your space is an exact mirror for your career, relationships, health, and every aspect of your life. When you make changes to your space, you make changes to your life. Let Tisha help you create a supportive environment and align to success.

In-Person Feng Shui Session

Feng Shui can help with improving or attracting relationships, family disharmony, cash flow and prosperity, blocks in career, sleeping issues, detection of harmful electromagnetic currents, health and wellbeing, fertility, general negativity or anxiety, stagnation in career or business, clarity of goals, lethargy or lack of energy. Tisha has worked with hundreds of clients since 2006 and practices the BTB School of Feng Shui (western version) along with intuitively sensing the energy of spaces, while also taking into account the design aesthetics when making suggestions. An in-person consultation is a 2-hour session. This can vary upon request.

An in-person consultation can include (depending on objectives):

  • Suggestions on how to improve or enhance the chi energy in each area, including the optimal placement of furniture and accessories

  • Identify areas of stagnation and how to move the energy appropriately (due to floor plan flaws, furniture, clutter, stagnant energy)

  • Trifield Meter measurement of any harmful electromagnetic, microwave, or electric currents

  • Strategies for clearing clutter

  • Dowsing for energy disturbances, which could be as a result of harmful ley lines, water lines, negative energy, and/or stagnant energy

  • Suggestions for furnishings, layout, colors, and interior design to create optimal energy

  • Ways to incorporate the Five Elements of Feng Shui (wood, water, earth, metal, fire) to create a healthy, harmonic and aesthetically pleasing home AND to support your own energy.

  • Numerology of your home or business. This is an important and informative way to find out what energy your space already holds and how it can benefit you

  • Feng shui analysis of home exterior, including the entryway and missing corners

  • Assistance during pre-construction for placement of doors, windows, stairs, beams, and any other architectural elements that may affect the energy of your home

  • Decorating and design suggestions, including paint color, furniture, and finishes selections.

Distant Feng Shui Session


Feng Shui for Businesses


Space Clearing

A feng shui analysis can be conducted remotely. Is there something not quite right with your home or business? Maybe as soon as you moved in, your health, finances, or relationships suddenly changed. Or maybe you are having trouble selling your home? Is there something off, but you're not exactly sure what it is? I can also review architectural blueprints for feng shui no-no's.

After I review your floor plan and photos, our 1-hour session will be conducted by phone, Zoom, or Skype and can include any of the following issues:

  • Love

  • Money

  • Health

  • Selling a Property

  • Office or Home Office

  • Property Analysis

  • Floor plan Review

  • Distant Space Clearing

  • Five Elements Analysis

Once you have purchased a consultation, I will email you to schedule the session. In some cases, I will need a copy or sketch of your floor plan and/or photo(s) of pertinent areas.

What I Will Need:

  • Copy of your floor plan (a true copy or sketched by you)

  • Photo of front of home

  • Photos of any rooms in which you want me to address

  • Photos of any exterior areas you want me to address

  • Fill out Online Form

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Find out the secret weapon that successful banks, hotels, and companies use around the world. With the emergence of environmental psychology, more data is being made available as to the impact our spatial environment has on us.  Many of these findings correlate directly with feng shui practices. Space is like a megaphone for businesses - whatever it projects out will be amplified, negatively or positively.

Whether it is a home office, a storefront, or large corporation, the space should be congruent to your business. With business clients, I often see that the space doesn't accurately reflect the business' brand or the mission of the business. This creates an incongruent energy and will negatively affect your business in a number of ways.

Ways Feng Shui Can Benefit Your Business:

  • Attract more business

  • Unlock feeling stagnant in job or career

  • Help Find an auspicious location

  • Refine an optimal floor plan layout

  • Attract clients or customers

  • Increase overall happiness with job or career

  • Improve business reputation

  • Create better efficiency, organization, and workflow

  • Promote creative collaboration

  • Remove blocks affecting income or cash flow

  • Create more visibility to be seen and respected by potential customers and/or colleagues

  • Improve employee retention

  • Clarify vision

  • Increase overall morale and happiness levels

  • Promote creative collaboration

  • Incorporate interiors consistent with branding

A business or office consultation consists of a 2-hour in-person visit to your business or office where I conduct a feng shui evaluation of your space. I will make suggestions for optimal furniture and furnishings layout to increase energy flow for employees, clients, and customers. I can also provide suggestions to improve areas related to business reputation, first impressions, overall growth, and organizational tips for creating better efficiency.

I have worked in businesses ranging from home-based businesses, financial institutions, corporations, retail stores, law offices, salon/spas, and holistic spaces. All sessions are kept in strict confidentiality. 

Hourly rate applies for corporations - please inquire

There is an unseen world of energy in your space – from previous owners, past trauma, discord, illness, arguments, land disturbances, furniture, and emotions – that you are most likely not aware of. However, these energies affect you on a daily basis. Space clearing is an important aspect of Feng Shui that clears out old, stagnant and oftentimes negative energy. It allows the space to reset, so to speak, so that you can begin on a clean slate.

A Space Clearing should be done upon moving into a new space, especially if trauma, misfortunes, or negativity occurred in the space. I encourage homeowners to do maintenance clearings, however clearing residue from your own negative experiences or patterns oftentimes calls for someone objective that specializes with working with energy. 

Space Clearing Can Help With:

  • Ridding your home of negative or stagnant energy

  • Clearing energy from previous owners

  • Clearing ghosts or unwanted energies

  • Stopping old patterns or habits

  • Clearing energy from illness or trauma

  • Clearing energy after recent break-up

  • Harmonizing your entire space

  • Feeling more energetic and general well-being


Feng Shui for Real Estate

I love helping realtors and homeowners sell homes! Feng Shui can work quickly to shift the energy in a home. Oftentimes feng shui issues - whether relating to the house itself or personal issues of the homeowners - will not rear their head until the house is on the market.

My house had been on the market for two years. I had cleared closets, and done many things to try and sell it. Tisha came and spent a little over an hour with me. We walked through the house, and then she did some space clearing. She talked to me about some things that needed to be done and I worked on those when she left. Within two weeks of her visit, I had an offer on the house.

You've most likely had one of those homes that just won't move. The price is right and the owner is motivated. It may even be getting good traffic, but contracts keep falling through. In these cases, there is an energetic reason the home isn't selling.

Even if a house is staged well and priced right, there can be energetic holds on the home. I find that bad feng shui often rears its head in real estate transactions. Here are some of the reasons a home may not be selling and how feng shui can help...

  • Unresolved emotional issues by the homeowners

  • Predecessor energy from the previous owners

  • Subconscious holding patterns by the homeowners

  • Feng Shui problems with the floor plan or furniture arrangement

  • Underground land disturbances

  • Ghost, trauma, or paranormal activity

Give your client the gift that keeps on giving... a feng shui session! I love working with new homeowners as they get settled into their new home. I can help with furniture arrangement, space clearing, color selections, and decor suggestions that incorporate feng shui. Ask me about reduced pricing when purchased in bulk for clients. I also have gift sets of my Smudge Spray product that make a great closing gift!