intuitive business coaching

Have you wanted someone to give you insight towards your business or career from an intuitive AND practical place? That's exactly what I can help you with. I've been an entrepreneur and business owner for over 10 years. I've transitioned careers from the most polar opposite fields you can imagine and have now authored four books, procure a product line, and facilitate holistic trainings.

In an Intuitive Business Coaching Session, I combine my intuition with my business experience and life coach training, while also seeing future trends to give you intuitive insight about your work that will touch the core of your soul while also providing you a practical to-do list so you can start taking action.

In a session, I can help:

  • Tap into your innate gifts and talents
  • Help identify the best ways to get your message into the world 
  • Identify subconscious blocks keeping you from moving forward
  • Provide tools to move you past blocks
  • Strategize with branding and logo concepts
  • Identify the best marketing strategies for you
  • Where to best focus your energy and what to prioritize
  • Identify hidden saboteurs
  • Review website or copy materials for energy leaks
  • Remove overwhelment and replace with clarity and vision

During a session, I am part coach, part intuitive, part healer, and part business consultant. My experience in business, marketing, and branding provides a context and language through which to communicate intuitive messages. By the end of the session, you will have a clearer vision. You might also walk away with a to-do list for moving forward or tools for overcoming personal blocks.

You have been the catalyst for change I have been desiring for years. It was always seemingly impossible before. Since we met ... It has been super easy and really powerfully fun!
— client email

Session Format

This is a co-creative process where your participation facilitates the process. It's best to come prepared with questions. Upon scheduling a session, I will send you a short online form to fill out for more information.

Each session is different depending on each person's individual needs. Other themes may emerge in the form of outworn belief systems, stuck energy, or held emotions so that clarity, new energy, and higher frequencies can be accessed. Each session is approximately one hour and conducted over phone or Skype. Upon purchase, Tisha will contact you by email to schedule your session. 

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