Girlfriend’s Guide to Feng Shui: Is He the Real Deal or Just a ‘One Nightstand’?

If you’re wondering if your guy (or gal) is ready to take the next step in your relationship, I have everything you need to know. Skip the medicine cabinet. It’s all sitting right out in the open. You just need to know what to look for. A quick glance around the bedroom and you’ll know everything you need to know with these quick tips.

One Nightstand

This is the tell tale sign to know whether he’s wanting a relationship, or just uhh a one night stand. That’s right, he’ll have just one nightstand. Can it really be that simple? Yes actually. Nightstands tell you everything about a person and how they relate to others in relationship.

Having one nightstand can also signal the need to be in control. And if the bed is pushed up against the wall to where you have to get through him to get to your side, then you can guess what’s in store for the relationship.

Tell-All Artwork

Artwork can tell you a lot, especially in the bedroom. It’s basically a snapshot of our subconscious mind that speaks in imagery.

Images of iconic Hollywood women are a sign that he’s into the fantasy of a relationship or enjoying his bachelorhood.

Are there images that contain 3’s, for example, three women or three birds? This is a sign that he’s not ready to commit. Images of 1’s are honestly not that great either, but there’s hope that he’s ready to expand.

Evidence of Exes

Pictures or memorabilia from exes sitting around… well it doesn’t take a feng shui master to figure this one out, just a good friend to tell you the truth. He’s not over her yet!

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Who’s the fairest of them all? Hopefully you, but that might not be all. That is, if the mirror is across from the bed. A mirror across from the bed is a sign of a third party relationship. The only question is if you’re #2 or #3.


The baseball card collection, trophies displayed from junior high, or matchbox cars lined up on the shelf. Collections are a crying out of unhealed issues from childhood. Here’s a tip: You can’t fix ‘em.

Items From Childhood

If he’s still using his dresser from childhood or other significant furnishings or décor items, he’s still got some growing up to do and probably looking for a mother too.

Married to Work

Does he have a workstation in the bedroom? If so, you’ll be competing with his career.

Of course, all these tips apply to you too. You did attract this person into your life. Take a look around your bedroom to see what energy you’re sending out. Maybe you’re the one attracting the one nightstand after all.

Tisha MorrisComment