Spring Cleaning Series #3: What You Keep Says More Than What You Let Go

Save or Sell?

Hold on or Release?

Stay or Leave?

These questions plague us. Whether it relates to a relationship, a job, a city, a friendship, or an item in our home, the decision of what to let go of and what to keep is at the root of everything in our life.

In the body, this is mirrored by our digestive system – what is nutritious and what is wasteful.

In the mind, this is mirrored by our thoughts - what is keeping me stuck in old patterns and what is serving my expansion.

In the home, this is mirrored by our stuff – what is of value and what is clutter.

What do I get rid of and what do I keep? From mail to email to shampoo bottles to books to designer clothes to the wedding dress to old photos - it’s a constant question.

Letting go requires varying degrees of grief, which is why we usually go in the direction of holding on. This is also why decluttering is a cultural epidemic.

All of our stuff represents aspects of our self – our identity. But is it a current buy ambien review identity or an outdated one?

Is this item still serving me? Do I still like it? Do I even use it or wear it anymore?

What these questions really ask are: Who Am I? What do I want for my life? Am I in alignment with the life I want for myself or just settling for what’s safe and known? Am I just filling space? The items you keep are the evidence of your answers to those questions.

Your home is a giant vision board that beams out your energy and magnetizes like energy back to you. Is it projecting regret or power? 1989 or 2017? Resentment or vision? Victim or victory? Who you were or who you want to be?

What you keep answers those questions.

What you keep makes a big statement.

What you keep attracts more of the same to you.

What you keep is a magnet to more of the same.

Paradoxically, you have to let go to know what you want to keep. That is the power of letting go. It’s an exclamation point of what you really want.

Let us know... what are you keeping?

Tisha MorrisComment