Are You Sleeping With EMF's?

I was recently showing off my Trifield Meter when I came across a startlingly discovery. Alarm clocks emit a dangerously high Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF). The reason I bring attention to this is that alarm clocks are usually close to our head while sleeping. Neither of those are good when dealing with EMFs.

I can't speak to all alarm clocks, but both of the standard digital alarm clocks in this house measured off the Trifield charts. This is unusual for electronics unless you get really close to the plug-in or if the component has an electrical short. My guess is the charge that makes the digital display is extra high.

In the picture, the dotted ranged is normal. Beyond that is considered high. The range of EMFs dissipates as you get further from the source, but you can see in this picture that even at the pillow where one sleeps the EMFs still measure high.

High EMFs have been correlated with cancer risk, although not proven. For those with sensitivities and especially children, I advise not having electronics, particularly alarm clocks, close to one's head on a nightstand.

Like many, I use my phone as my alarm. Cellphones do not emit high EMFs, but the cellular signals could emit other potentially harmful energies. In either case, do not sleep with your phone or alarm clock close to your head. Keep both a few feet away. Or invest in an EMF-free rooster.