Does Free Will Really Exist?

Most spiritual books will tell you that Earth is a grand experiment in free will. We have free will to make choices and when/if we would like angelic or divine support to intervene, we can then call on for their help. I have accepted this as truth, but have recently been pondering this concept of free will.

The primary law we have been using to implement our free will is the Law of Attraction, meaning we can manifest our desires and have anything we can possibly conjure up, for the most part. (Similar to capitalism and the principles that USA were founded upon… a macro example of this free will experiment.)

But does destiny really care about our desires?

What about our preferences?

Or is there such a thing as fate or destiny?

These are the questions have been wrestling with for the last few years. And I'm guessing you have too based on the number of books sold on manifesting, law of attraction, and now surrender.

When do we take action? When do we let go? It’s a constant dance between yin and yang.

Everywhere you look and read, everyone seems to have a different opinion on the nuances of how to manifest. It used to be a Secret and now it's just plain confusing. When do you think a thought, feel a feeling, desire a desire, or visualize a vision? Or does any of it even matter? Most people I know, including myself, would say they could never have imagined that their life has turned out the way it has. The “good” and the “bad”.

And now surrender seems to be the new buzzword. As Tosha Silver says in her book Outrageous Openness, "Let the Divine take the lead." I have to say this approach has been the Way for me of recent.

Over the last few months, several series of synchronistic events have taken place in my life that are beyond explanation. The Universe orchestrated events that were simply pure magic. All I did was take inspired action on some food cravings, whims, and being open to a little adventure.

In wanting to experience more of this magic, I began to wonder in what world, or energy vibration, can I be in to where this is my everyday? Is this how life is when you surrender to the Divine? And where does the law of attraction, free will, and all those other principles we've read about for years fall into this big picture?

Well, in fact, all of these laws and ways of being do exist and work, but in different dimensions.

The Ascension that our planet and humanity is currently undergoing is a traverse from 3rd dimensional ways of being to 5th dimensional, with the 4th dimension being the bridge. While this may sound like science fiction to some, the term "dimension" is only used to categorize energy or frequency for purposes of our human mind to understand.

Multiple dimensions, or frequencies, are all taking place at the same time. This is why some may be experiencing hell on earth, while others are experiencing heaven on earth. And then when our physical body, we pass on to another dimension that is higher in frequency because we are sans the density of a physical body.

The dimensions most readily available to us right now are the 3rd, 4th, and 5th dimensions and most of us fluctuate between these on any given day or week.

Each dimension has different laws that govern them. This is why manifesting has become a bit tricky and conflicting.

The dimensions can be summed up as this:

3rd dimension: mind control by others

4th dimension: controlling our own minds through intention

5th dimension: synchronicity; laws pertaining to matter no longer apply; telepathy

3rd Dimension

The 3rd dimension is the frequency most people are familiar with because we grew up in it (at least my generation and prior). It is the frequency where our thoughts and beliefs are heavily influenced, and perhaps even controlled by, our past generations, media, government, and religion. It is the frequency where fear lurks. We go along with what others want for us, not even knowing what our preferences really are because they’re not even an option.

4th Dimension

We are finally waking up from this thousands-of-years slumber to having our own desires and preferences, which is why there is so much energy around being your authentic self in the self-help community and self-improvement markets. And then with the Law of Attraction teachings, we began to empower ourselves with using our minds intentionally and creating more of the life we want. You could call it Intentional Free Will. This is the 4th dimension and the most prevalent dimension among conscious people currently.

The 4th dimension is the bridge out of the 3rd and to the 5th. Using meditation techniques as a way to still our minds to be in the present moment have been and are instrumental to mastering the 4th dimension.

5th Dimension

Once you've mastered your mind (for the most part), all the rules and laws are then thrown out the window. What got you here is no longer relevant or applicable (except for when we are bouncing in between the dimensions like most of us are doing most days). The 5th dimension is all about living from the heart. And by heart, I mean your High Heart that is connected to Source, not the lovey dovey kinda heart, but the Oneness heart.

The practice of surrendering is the entre into the 5th dimension. It’s when you acknowledge that there is more to life than living via the human ego. In surrendering to the Divine, you meld with it and co-creation can begin.

What you want and what the Divine wants for you become one in the same.

Your desires transcend the ego desires and, yet the paradox is that those desires end up manifesting too. Those manifestations are not only the desires you planted way back in the 4th dimension, but far surpass anything you could have imagined. It was not all for naught, and yet no longer matters.

In the 5th dimension, you join forces with a power that is far beyond your old humanness. As a result, manifestation can occur almost instantaneously, but more importantly, in the most perfect divine timing.

So you can see that in the 5th dimension, the concept of free will becomes insignificant. Instead of asking: Does free will really exist? The better question is: Do I really want free will?  

The choice is yours. Or is it?