Girls, Scandal, and Homeland! See How Their Homes Are a Reflection of Their Lives

We can quickly get lost in the lives of our favorite television characters we watch week after week to the point that they start to feel like our best friends. These characters come to life through great writing, casting, and wardrobe. But it is seeing these characters in their living spaces that allows us to really feel like we know them. 

Who can forget the eclectic, colorful decor of the Friends’ apartment or the bike hanging on the wall at Seinfeld’s place. Just like our own homes, their living spaces show us an intimate part of these characters that speak volumes beyond what their lines can deliver.

Think about the first time you visit a friend’s apartment. You instantly feel like you know them so much better. Or think about the first time you visit a love interest’s space. You glance around nonchalantly, but really spying around like an undercover detective seeing who this person really is. 

The same is true with TV characters. Just as each of our homes is a mirror of ourselves so is the case of these characters. In my book, Mind Body Home, I talk about just how much our home is a reflection of ourself. This is something that set designers and set decorators know well. We get to know the characters much more intimately by being in their living spaces. From an acting standpoint, the actors can feel into the characters that much more when their characters’ living spaces are a reflection of their character. 

Here’s a look at some of our favorite characters and how their living spaces are a mirror for their characters. 

Carrie Mathison in Homeland

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If you are a fan of Homeland, then you most likely have noticed the green concrete wall of Carrie’s living room. Carrie is an Aries, which explains her fiery tenacity. She is headstrong in tackling terrorists. In doing so, it leaves her with little time at home. Not to mention her home is not, well, very homey. The concrete aesthetic shows us that lounging at home with a pot of stew is not really her cup of tea. 

Hannah and Marnie in Girls


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Like reading someone’s handwriting or palm, you can tell a lot about someone’s current life by just looking at their floor plan. This is the floor plan of Hannah and Marnie’s New York apartment. First off, with the toilet being in the Wealth Corner it’s not surprising that they are always struggling with money. With Marnie’s bedroom in the Love Corner, it’s no wonder that she is more lucky in love than Hannah. Meanwhile, Hannah is in the Helpful People section. Perfect for the aspiring writer seeking connections. 

Adam in Girls

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True to character, Adam’s floor plan is as quirky as he is. Notice the odd T-shape. The rooms are very compartmentalized. Similarly, Adam is one of those people that could be a serial killer and we wouldn’t know it. He makes us want to know more about him. There are plenty of places to hide secrets in this space. And appropriately so, his workout bench is in the Love Corner. 

Olivia Pope in Scandal


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It’s clear that Olivia is more accomplished at making money than finding love. Olivia’s office is an ideal set up for success. Her desk is arranged in the power position - facing the door with a supportive wall behind her. She has ample space for her feet. Her desk is just messy enough to make her look super busy, but not so messy to where she appears scattered and unorganized. 

Her bedroom, on the other hand, is not so put together. As a feng shui consultant, if I were to look at this picture, I would know that she was not in a relationship - or at least a committed relationship. The nightstands tell so much about one’s relationship, or lack thereof. Olivia only has a nightstand on her side. Interestingly though, the other side is not completely ignored.

The extra tall floor lamp in place of the other nightstand symbolizes Fitz. It is a temporary fixture, but quite powerful due to the fact it is tall and out of proportion in height to Olivia’s side of the bed. As her love life evolves, it will be interesting to see how her bedroom furnishings change. 

By the way, Olivia, I imagine that you have a hard time sleeping due to the nature of your high stress job and life. I would advise clearing some of the clutter off your nightstand!