Living With Less and Loving It

For many years so many of my posts and workshops were about clearing clutter. I'm happy to say we as the collective conscious have come a long way in the clutter department! It is now a way of life for a lot of people as they feel the freedom of having less stuff.

And yet it is an ongoing process!

Clearing Clutter and Ascension?

You don’t have to be psychic or even extra-sensitive to notice that the world is changing. We, along with Planet Earth, have been undergoing a fast track evolutionary process, oftentimes referred to as “ascension.” Inherent in this process is a letting go of the old in order to make room for the new. Put another way, as the vibration of the Planet raises, lower vibrations must fall away.

What does this have to do with the stuff in your closet?

All of the stuff that we accumulated over the last couple of decades just doesn’t feel good anymore. Stuff feels like a big weight. Why? Because it is. Things hold an energetic density that is no longer a match for the frequency or vibration under which we are currently living. As we evolve, we become less and less dense as different vibrations cannot co-exist. And just as many people lose energetic density in their body and mind through bodywork or healing modalities, the emotional density in our homes must also be released.

Another reason we are having the urge to purge stuff is because we simply no longer need things to fill a void like we once did. In other words, we don't need our old crutches, or maybe they're just not working like they used to. And for some of us, accumulating stuff was at one time equivalent to an addiction.

What Does This Mean For You?

If you have the urge or even an inkling of a thought to clear clutter, then by all means do it. For some of us, it is very natural and habitual to clear things out. For example, you may be one who automatically gets rid of an item when you buy something new. For others, however, it may not be so easy. Clearing clutter can bring up a lot of emotion.

In my book, Feng Shui Your Life, I provide a 4-Step process to clear clutter in order to not be overwhelmed by the process. I also address some of the areas in which people tend to get hung up on, such as unwanted gifts or “just in case” items.

Once you start the process of decluttering, you will quickly notice the benefits. Many people can feel an immediate physical difference, including an ease of breath or increase in energy.

As you clean out your basement or storage areas, you are cleaning out your subconscious mind. In other words, you are bringing things from the subconscious to the conscious mind in order to effectively deal with it. Prior to that, things were stuffed in the basement, just like in the body, to avoid dealing with it or even having to see it.

Coming Out of the Closet

What about closets? This is where we stuff things we don’t want others to see, perhaps including ourselves. As we clean out our closet, we are all “coming out of the closet” in some aspect. In your own unique way, it is allowing you to live more authentically.   This again is a letting go or purging of anything dense, such as lies, fronts, and fakes. Even with regards to your clothing closet, perhaps there are clothes that no longer seem to fit who you are anymore.

We are all evolving to our highest vibration and most authentic selves, which is love. So, when you get the urge to purge your home, go with it. As each of us purge our own corner of the world, we are contributing to the evolution of the entire planet.

Decorate Your Life!

Out with the old and now in with the new! With the help of my book, Decorating With the Five Elements of Feng Shui, you can decorate your home and life with an energy supportive to you and your home.