The Order of Physical Manifestation

Manifestation refers to the process of turning ideas and thoughts into physical form. This is integral to being spiritual beings in physical form and for our inevitable evolutionary expansion.

Ideas come to us and we find a way to bring them into our physical reality. For example, you come up with a story, you write a book. You have an idea for a product and you make it. You visualize a picture and paint it. You have a craving and you cook it.

Ideas run rampant through our collective consciousness. We usually like to take credit for a great idea, but really you are a frequency match to that idea that is out there floating around the collective conscious.

The vibrational match is based upon your point of focus and your point of focus is usually based on what you most enjoy. (It could also be what comes easy to you and/or that which is part of your karmic life purpose that you are not consciously aware of yet. That was the case with me and feng shui.)

Elizabeth Gilbert gave a brilliant example of this in her book, Big Magic. She played around with a book idea that was floating around. When she didn’t take action to bring the story to fruition (physical manifestation), it got picked up by another author who was an even closer vibrational match to the story idea - Ann Patchett.

Ideas come in through the upper chakras. The throat chakra is the bridge between the manifest and the unmanifest. The manifestation process is essentially moving energy in through the chakra and down to the Earth with the throat chakra being the bridge via our voices and our hands being the conduits.

Turning thoughts into form is in essence Alchemy. We are all alchemists. And there is a formula to this process.

By intentionally working with the following steps, you will speed up the process, particularly in the order as listed, from lightest to densest of energy.


Our ability to visualize comes to us through the third eye chakra, ambien 10 mg just between the eyebrows. Some people are more adept at visualizing than others, although we all have the ability to do so. Visualization provides the first energetic blueprint of the idea.

Write it Down

Putting pen to paper is the quickest and easiest way to bring an idea into physical form. This is why we are often told to write down our goals or intentions.

Create Symbols

Symbols are the language of the subconscious mind. They were the earliest form of communication and still rule the collective consciousness. This is why a dream dictionary has universal application. Symbols can be understood by our deepest psyche and unlock memories stored for lifetimes. This is much of the basis of Jungian psychology.

If there are any symbols associated with your idea, imagine them and more importantly begin to write, draw, scribble, or paste those symbols. Symbols can simply be drawings of your idea. A storyboard, your dream house blueprint, characters for a story, prototype for a product, sketch of a storefront, or even the beginnings of a logo.

Make a Prototype

For some ideas this will be essential. When I first came up with the idea for the Smudge Spray, I spent many months experimenting with the formula, the right bottle, and label. Many prototypes were created.

For non-product items, the prototype could be a business plan, book proposal, an artist sketch, or even the dating process to clarify your ideal partner. This stage is for trial and error to clarify your vision and formulate the final manifestation.

Think of the manifesting process as moving from the energetic world to the physical world. The more you can make it physical, the closer you will make it real.

We all have the next great idea. But can you make it real? This is the human experience.

Expansion of the Universe happens through your creations. This is why you came down here to do this human thing anyway. And have fun while doing it!