Standing at the Crossroads of Contrast

We’ve all been in a situation or life circumstance that’s simply not what we wanted. A bad job, a debilitating health crisis, a rocky relationship, an undesirable location. The list goes on. Whatever it is for you, it stands as a stark contrast to what you really want. 

In terms of law of attraction, contrast gives us more acuity as to what we want. General preferences will give you general outcomes, while wanting something with specificity will give it to you more  specifically. And then living life in default will give you what others want for you.

If you are experiencing contrast, it’s here to show you what you don’t want to know what you do want. More importantly, contrast can provide the sling shot, or the necessary fuel, to get you there. The pitfall that we so often fall into however is victimhood. Instead of using contrast as a counterpoint to manifest what we want, we fall victim to our circumstances. 

When life isn’t going our way, it’s easy to feel a victim to our our boss, the disease, the city, the other person, or even the car in front of us. 

This is when you stand at the crossroads of contrast. You can choose victimhood or a new path. 

There was a particular moment in my life when I was single and living in a  frenetic area in Los Angeles. While I wanted to live in Los Angeles, I needed to manifest more specifically. I wanted to live near the ocean AND with a partner. I wrote what I wanted as an affirmation and hung it in my kitchen where I saw it daily. Within six months, I moved to where I had an ocean view and re-connected with the person who would become my partner.  

To use contrast as a tool for manifestation, you must accept the present circumstance and then start taking action steps to manifest what you really want. 

For example, if you are in a job that brings no satisfaction, the first step is to accept the situation you’re in. This is more difficult than it sounds (and where I often get stuck) . It might seem like acceptance is surrendering to the inevitability of the situation, but it’s not. Acceptance allows action to follow. 

Resistance will only bring about more resistance. Denial will keep you in a hamster wheel. And complaining is a covert state of victimhood . A few tantrums here and there can provide some necessary fuel, but then it’s time to focus on what you want and move towards it. 

The next step is to clarify what you really want, i.e. a boss who isn’t a micromanager. I would take this a step further and find a positive statement, i.e. I want a boss who trusts me to create projects and gives me the freedom to do so.

The third step is to take action steps. Research what jobs are available. Update your resume. Make connections in related industries. 

Oftentimes our contrast is something we once found pleasure in. That’s okay. Don’t become a victim to your own negative self-talk. 

Contrast is simply a part of the ebb and flow or yin and yang of life, like a rollercoaster with its dips and valleys. Once you realize you have the power to navigate the contrasts, then you will no longer feel victimized by them. 

Instead of crossroads, life becomes a meandering road. Tantrums optional. 

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