What Venus Retrograde Means For You and Your Home

The planet of love, beauty, and money turns retrograde on October 5th through November 16th giving us a chance to review our relationship with all things we value. Just like an investor needs to reassess a portfolio and perhaps move things around in accordance with fluctuations, this is your time to do that as well. 

Because the retrograde will take place in Scorpio and Libra, respectively, relationships will be the primary theme, along with the number one thing couples argue about: money.

Those things you share in partnership, such as a house, cars, investments, furniture, etc. may be up for re-discussion. Even if you’re just dating, it’s a good time to have conversations about these things to determine whether your values are compatible. For a more in-depth discussion, check out Astrologer Rachel Lang’s post on Venus Retrograde.

Whether your actual living space is up for review or not, your home is a good place to start with making proactive changes, instead of changes being forced upon you.

Your home is an ever-evolving space just like you. I mean, literally, just like you. This is why feng shui is not a one-time application, but an ongoing practice.

Making small changes that more align with your current life can go a long way in shifting the energy in your life. 

For example, maybe your office desk should now be an art table. Or maybe your art table should now be an office desk. Maybe the photo of you and your ex needs to be removed from your nightstand. Perhaps you no longer like your purple bedroom. Or maybe it’s time to remove the stuffed animal from your bed. 

How can your home more align with what you now value?

How can it better support how and who you love? How can it be more productive in how you make money? How can it better represent your sense and experience of beauty? How can it feed your child’s spirit and foster your family’s connection?

As you think about those questions relating to what you value most, here are some ways to optimize Venus Retrograde:  

Take an objective look at your home, particularly the bedroom, your office, and the Love Corner of your house.

Start with those rooms, but really consider all rooms in your house. And if you’re not sure where your Love Corner is, it’s the back right corner of your home. Check out my Feng Shui 911 app for more instructions.

For each room, notice anything that doesn’t feel quite right and remove it.

For example, if you say to yourself phrases like, I don’t know why I still have that or I don’t really like that anymore or This probably shouldn’t be in here, then more than likely you’re probably right. Don’t second-guess yourself. It needs to go. 

Consider how you can add or make updates to these areas.

For example, add your wedding photo, a new piece of art, new pillows, or nightstands to your bedroom. If you’re not ready to take action on it yet, that’s fine, but at least make a list of those things. You may be a little indecisive on selections until Venus goes direct. And because your sense of aesthetics may be a little wonky during this time, hold off on major home expenditures. Have a plan in place for when Venus resumes forward motion again.

Photo by Annie Spratt