The Truth Behind the Perfect Writing Space

Whether you are a copyrighter, a blogger, a novelist, or anyone who puts intention behind words, you are a writer. Writing is one of the most alluring of all arts. It only takes pen and paper or a keyboard. It is immediately accessible to anyone at virtually anytime of the day, anywhere. 

So why is it so hard to sit down and just do it?  

Many believe that the secret to writing is having a the perfect writing space. Being a feng shui consultant, I appreciate the importance of space and often advise clients how to create a sacred and productive work space.  

Having the perfect writing space is the secret to writing, Right? 

Do you prefer the quiet cabin in the woods with a view of birds nesting and squirrels chirping. Or maybe a serene week-long retreat with an ocean view is more your style. 

For more consistency, what about a home office with the perfectly arranged desk facing the door with soft music, an affirmation peeking up at you, incense burning and a Do Not Disturb sign on the door. 

I have at some point tried a version of all these tactics. And yet I end up at Starbucks (or a local equivalent).

So if it’s not about having the perfect writing space, then what does it take? 

Whether it is the ocean view, the local coffee shop, or your comfy couch, at the end of the day it comes down to pure discipline.  

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t turn down the ocean-view veranda writing space, but I would rather be sitting there with a glass of wine with my love chatting about the meaning of life. 

And I would also love to have the perfect office space but I would end up playing on my Pinterest feed just that much more. 

Even with the most perfect of spaces, writing takes a heavy dose of pure discipline, a dash of heart, and maybe for some the hope or guarantee of payment.  

What is the payoff for you? There has to be a reward in it for you. What are you bribing yourself with? Are you saving the world? Saving your bank account? Or persuading a lover or coaxing a colleague? 

When I am clear on Why I am writing, suddenly space isn’t as important. 

When I’m not clear, space is everything. 

So while the perfect writing space is important, writing is another beast that trumps all the rules. 

Here are few tips on setting up your sacred writing space for those challenging days:

Claim Your Space 

Your writing space should be yours. Writing is an intimate affair. There is an inherent vulnerability of sharing your words with the world or even just one person. You should feel safe in your sacred space. 

Have an Inspiration Piece Across From You

Why do you write? Maybe it’s to support your family. If so, a picture of the fam is perfect! Maybe it’s to travel the world. Then a picture of your dream destination should be on your wall. 

Sound and Smell 

Appease all the senses. The best thing about your sacred space is that you can control your environment. For example, right now Starbucks is playing You Spin Me Round by The Thompson Twins. While I love this song, is it really the best fit for me right now.  If I were in my sacred space, I would be playing something slightly less disco, such as The Album Leaf.  I would also be burning Nag Champa incense. 

Reduce Distractions

That includes people, places, and things. People being technology; places meaning escape routes; and things being visual clutter. Yes, that means clear crap off your desk. In feng shui, you should face into the room, not to towards a wall. But Steven Pressfield opts to face a wall to reduce distractions. Experiment and gind what works best for you.

What are some of your tactics and strategies you implement in creating an optimal writing environment? If you know of any secrets, please let me know.

Until then, a Grande Shaken Black Iced Tea One Pump, please.