2019 Energy and What to Expect

The New Year starts with a lot of Capricorn energy. This could feel great for overachievers, but a little too much of a reality check for many of us. You’ll want to skip the vision board and move on to the business plan. It’s go time. This will be a continuous theme throughout 2019 and into 2020 when we see a major Capricorn mashup that signals major upheaval to governmental structures.

Before then, the planets are supporting us to get our ducks in a row, not for something fleeting, but for projects and relationships that have longevity. Capricorn is not about the quick fix, but legacy. Anything less will not have foundational support.

But it’s not all serious. Use your emotions as your primary guide with the North Node in Cancer. This will be your home. The idea of home and focusing on your home will be a major theme for the collective. Meanwhile, we’ll have a push pull with Jupiter in Sagittarius wanting us to go beyond our comfort zones to build something bigger than we could have imagined.

With a 3-year in Numerology, it will be an action-packed year with media, social media, writing, and opportunities for expansion whether birthing a child or new projects. But be careful with spending. This is a year to stick to a budget. Keep a check on business expenses and invest in those that will have a long-term payoff.

Peace & Happiness to Everyone in 2019~

xo Tisha

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