Your Feng Shui Guide to Love: 6 Ways to Attract and Maintain THE ONE

Have you been looking for love in all the wrong places? Actually all you need to do is look in your bedroom. Your bedroom gives clues (AKA RED FLAGS) as to the state of your love life. The good news is that as you make some changes to your bedroom, your love life or current relationship will improve. Here are some ways to amp things up in your love life.

All Work and No Play? 

It’s all too easy these days to bring in your smartphone or laptop into the bedroom. But think about the energy you are bringing into your personal space and your relationship. Do you really want all your Facebook friends in bed with you and your partner? And at all costs, avoid having a work desk in the bedroom. This will help create a boundary between work and personal life. It also sends a clear signal of where your priorities lie.

A ‘One Nightstand’? 

Nightstands represent support, but also exemplify the power dynamics within the relationship. Caution: The power in an existing relationship will shift dramatically simply by changing or adding nightstands. Have a nightstand on each side of the bed. The nightstands should be of equal stature, as well as anything sitting on the nightstands, i.e. lamps. In other words, you don’t want a tall lamp on one side and a small reader clip on the other. Also, notice the nightstands in your love interest’s bedroom. Is he or she just a one nightstand, or the real deal?

No Exercise Equipment


Make Space for That Special Person

Is one side of the bed cluttered up?  Are your drawers and closets so packed to where you literally don’t have space for someone else in your life? Are you embarrassed for someone to see your bedroom? Any of these are indications that you are blocking a relationship from coming in. Make some space and see what comes your way. Tip: When decluttering your bedroom, don’t stuff it under the bed! Out of sight is not out of mind.

Use Even Numbers

Numbers are our oldest symbols and therefore very impressionable to our subconscious mind. For that reason, it is important to have objects placed in pairs. If you have a candle in the room, make it two. If you have pillows on the bed, make it two, four, or six.  Also avoid the number one or shapes that look like the number one. For example, avoid an art piece that depicts a lone animal, a single woman, or women in threes. And, never ever ever have a stuffed animal on your bed. This is a curse for any single woman wanting to have a relationship!

Out With the Old, In With the New

Declutter, declutter, declutter. Any items from past relationships must go! Any relics from past relationships are evidence of strings still attached. Let them go and allow space for your person. Even if you think you’re over the person, there’s something about the past relationship you’re still attached to that physical items represent. It’s time to declutter old photos, that includes Instagram and Facebook! For more information, refer to Chapter 3 of my book, Clutter Intervention: How Your Stuff is Keeping You Stuck.

Photo by Element5 Digital