Lone Wolf or Cult Classic: Two Extremes on an Eclipse Collision Course

To be human is the desire to belong. We are pack animals. When this is threatened or not available, we push it away and take the path of the lone wolf. On the other extreme, we give ourselves away to blend in. These are the extreme polarities to this inmate need to belong while being in separate suits in a sea of unified energy.

Eclipses bring us to dramatic situations in our life that call for integration of polarities. The south and north nodes of the moon are the yin and yang axises that feel like a tug-of-war throughout our human journey towards oneness. 

This particular eclipse (in which we are currently sandwiched between) on the Leo/Aquarius axis brings up this theme of belonging. How this shows up in your life will differ depending on which houses the eclipse hits your personal chart. Love and money, time and energy, relationship and identity - just to name some possible themes. In love, it could be individuation vs. merging. In money, it could be take the money and run vs. giving it all away. This eclipse will correct where this imbalance is for you. It’s moving the points on your yin yang spectrum as it relates to your sense of belonging. 

Have you been too much the lone ranger and now being forced to ask for help or get support in some way? Or have you sold out your beliefs to fit into a family, community, religion, or other societal norm? 

How do we voice our authentic self while maintaining a sense of belonging within our tribe? Will being you threaten your sense of belonging? Or maybe you are being asked to lead your own new tribe. 

This Leo/Aquarius axis is my nodal axis natally. These are all themes I’ve visited many times and now they are here for the collective to review. The lone wolf is an archetype I’m very familiar with. As to cults, I’m fascinated by them. In the middle is a world where I want to live: where collaboration takes place; relationships that are based upon interdependence; co-working among like minded souls; and creating community where everyone’s unique voices are heard and accepted. A place to belong just by being your unique self.