5 Places Not to Hang a Mirror

“Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”

Not you, unfortunately, if you have mirrors placed in certain areas of your home.

Mirrors are called the “aspirin” or “bandaid” of feng shui because of their ability to move energy in various ways. But most people don’t realize a cute decor mirror can actually wield energy in all sorts of ways – sometimes good and sometimes not good.They can be reflectors, portals, the Water element, and even yang energy.

Here are the top 5 places NOT to have a mirror:

1. Across From the Bed

A mirror across from the bed can bring a third party into the relationship. The third party could be another person, work, or even paranormal visitors. Single? You could be drawn into relationship drama involving someone who’s in a relationship with you being the third. This is a well-known feng shui no-no and one that I’ve seen play out too many times. Don’t do it!

2. Neighboring Wall

Mirrors can create a portal of energy. This can be good if you want to create a window effect, but not good if you share a wall with a neighbor. If you share a wall in an apartment or condo and have a mirror on that wall, then you are creating an energy portal between the two of you. TMI, I think so.

3. Across From Clutter

Mirrors also reflect and therefore double everything they’re across. For example, if a mirror is across from a cluttered bookshelf, then you now have two cluttered bookshelves. Always look to see what your mirror is reflecting and if it’s something you want more of, or not.

4. Across From Another Mirror

This might seem obvious, but it’s easy to lose perspective in our own home. Two mirrors across from each other are going to create a frenetic energy in the room. It will be unsettling with too much yang energy bouncing around.

5. Anywhere in a Bedroom

While placing a mirror across from the bed is a definite no-no, I wouldn’t have a mirror anywhere in the bedroom unless absolutely necessary for getting ready. The reflective nature of a mirror can create too much energy for good sleep.

Unfortunately, mirrored closet doors or built in mirrored hutches were popular at one point and still lingering in many homes. For dressers, detach the mirror and place a relaxing or romantic piece of art instead. The room will feel much more relaxing. For closet doors, replace with wood doors or place a frosted application on them to create a more mo