10 Ways to Know You Have Too Much Stuff

Everyone has a different relationship with how much stuff is too much. Some people feel good with more stuff, while others feel better in a sparser environment. There is no rule on how much is too much. It’s important to know for yourself what that comfort level is.

There’s a misconception that too much stuff means you’re a hoarder. There's another misconception that a minimalist doesn't have clutter. That's not necessarily true either. It’s relative to each person.

Because our home is so much a part of ourselves, it can be difficult to get perspective. It’s easy to let things accumulate over time without letting things go along the way. But when is too much too much?  Here are some telltale signs when too much stuff is too much.

-You feel like the walls are coming in on you

-You feel like you can’t breathe, literally or figuratively

-You feel stuck in your life

-You feel unclear as to your next steps in life

-You feel blocked in life

-You just want to get rid of everything and start over

-You have no idea where to begin with decluttering

-You feel overwhelmed in life

-You feel overwhelmed with the idea of decluttering

-You have extra weight that you can’t seem to shed no matter what

If a few of these resonate with you, then it might be time for a clutter intervention. If the thought of this overwhelms you or you’re not sure where to start, CLUTTER INTERVENTION, can help.

When you identify the emotional roots of why you are holding on to certain things, you can take action. We naturally want to declutter, but it’s our emotions that stop us in our tracks without us even realizing it. Identifying the why will immediately help you with the how. The goal is to return your home back to a place of comfort and support will help you unblock your relationships, career, creativity, and health.

Tisha Morris2 Comments