Feng Shui is Yoga for the Home

Yoga was my gateway drug into the healing arts. It opened me up to a whole new world of energy which eventually led me to my career today. For a while, I taught yoga while also starting my feng shui practice. I realized that what I was helping people with in yoga class was the same as when I would work in spaces.

The goal for both is the same: Remove blocks to improve the energy flow. 
Tight hips is clutter. Stiff joints is bad furniture arrangement. And so forth. 

People who practice yoga know that there several different reasons you do yoga - to improve flexibility, increase strength, promote relaxation, enhance meditation, create a sense of stillness. People might also come to yoga for more aesthetic reasons, such as improving the way their body looks. 

Like yoga, feng shui improves functionality of a space, provides more support, promotes relaxation, creates a sanctuary, and allows for more stillness. Your home may come out looking much better as a result too. 

People come to feng shui for many different reasons. A room mysteriously doesn’t feel right. You can’t sleep. As soon as you move in, bad things started happening. Something just feels off. You want to manifest love. You want to manifest money. You feel blocked. You don’t feel at home. You don’t feel supported by your home. You can’t relax in your home. Your home isn’t functional. 

At the core of all of these issues is a block. The block could be in the form of clutter (most common), furniture arrangement (or furniture that is clutter), floor plan flaw, energy disturbance, old thought forms, or an overbalance of an element. Once this block is either removed or remedied, the energy begins to flow as it should. 

This is the same as joints, muscle tightness, veins, arteries, and our breathing. In fact, upon making changes in your home, you will see immediate changes in your breath which is indicative of the mind, body, home connection. 

I encourage you to not only do yoga for your body, but also yoga for your home.