Are You Organizing or Just Rearranging Furniture on the Titanic?

Do you find yourself moving things from one closet to the another, from this room to that room, from the kitchen cabinet to the pantry, maybe even goodwill items from your closet to your garage?

You might feel productive busying yourself in the moment, but it could be a stall tactic to put off what you really need to do: Declutter. 

There’s a misconception that organized people don’t have clutter. Just because your closets are color-coded and your files are labeled doesn’t mean you don’t have items neatly stacked that are keeping you stuck. 

Organization gives us a sense of control and in times when we seem to have no control over our life this can be a therapeutic outlet and a way to get back on track. And, yes, papers need to be filed away and clothes hung up.

Daily organization can help us maintain an orderly home and prevent piles stacking up on the kitchen cabinet and clothes piling up in the laundry room. However, organizing is different than decluttering. Decluttering is getting rid of items that no longer serve you. It’s removing things from your past that are no longer relevant to your current life. 

organizing gives you a sense of control, while decluttering creates a feeling of freedom.

Both are valuable and necessary. So the next time you start organizing your books or files or clothes, also consider what you might be ready to let go of so that you don’t drawn in all the stuff.