4 Energy Vampires in Your Home That You're Probably Not Aware of

When I was a kid, my parents would drag me to antique stores. I dreaded them. I would get this suffocating feeling as if the walls were coming in on me. I understood this much better years later. I was lying in bed one Saturday morning gazing across the room when my eyes lazily landed on a curtain rod. I was stunned when I saw an energy field around it.  

In that moment, I understood what quantum physics has always known: Everything is energy, even non-living items. Looking back, I realize I was picking up on the energy emanating from all those items in the antique stores. Each one, from an old oil painting to a civil war-era pie safe, had stories to tell and memories to share.

You’ve most likely experienced this yourself.  Have you ever walked into someone’s home or even a store and immediately felt uneasy for no apparent reason. We can choose what spaces we go into, but what about our own home? Have you ever considered that the energy in your own home may be negatively affecting you on a daily basis?  

Your home should be your refuge from the world, not an emotional minefield. It should be the one place you recharge our batteries, not run you down. Here are some suggestions on what to look for and how to minimize the potential energy drains in your home.

Pre-owned or Pre-cursed?

There is a certain charm about items from the past. They tell a story that is often much more interesting than a cheaply manufactured piece we buy out of a box. But what story is that antique farm table telling? Is it one of suffering through war or spending holiday dinners with family? 

For items, such as inherited or heirloom pieces, you’re probably aware or have heard stories about the energy it holds. Also what association do you have with that the piece? Does it evoke happiness, sadness, or indifference? 

If you are unaware of an item’s past, simply hold or touch the item and notice how you feel in your body, not your head. You may even be able to read the item for information. No worries, if not. Just notice how you feel. If it’s not a positive feeling, then consider getting rid of the item. This can apply to jewelry, clothing, or really any item.

If These Faces Could Talk

I walked into a client’s home recently that was filled with museum-grade masks that she had picked up in her travels. These masks had a lot to say and, suffice it to say, they weren’t all happy. 

Be particularly mindful of artwork and any other art with faces. Negative energy more easily attaches to such items. Of course, positive energy can attach to benevolent faces too, such as angels or deities, assuming it evokes a positive energy to you. 

If you have a photo or portrait of an actual person, such as a deceased relative, be conscious as to your relationship with that person and only display if it was positive and evokes a positive feeling. 

Furniture Codependency 101

I recently had a client who found a round oak table on the side of the street. It had suffered considerable damage over the years, but had an eclectic charm and showed potential. Although she had good intentions for this stray table, regardless of what room the table was in, the room simply did not feel good. Even with a good space clearing (yes, furniture can be energy cleared just like spaces), it was too damaged and was an energy drain. 

Furniture, décor items, or electronics that are damaged or in disrepair can emit negative energy into your space. Damaged items carry the energy of, well, damaged goods in its energy field. Do you want that in your space? Of course not. 

Our subconscious mind has no filter and constantly picks up literal messages.  So, for example, a cracked mirror could distort the way you see yourself. A desk with a wobbly leg can affect how you stand up for yourself.

Breaking Up With Your Items

While items have their own energy separate from us, the emotional energy that we project onto them is quite potent and can be major energy drains. Take inventory of your belongings. Make sure you’re not holding on to anything that conjures up negative memories, or keeps you stuck in a past relationship. For more on that, check out my book, Clutter Intervention. Use the item to forgive and make peace with the past so that you can move forward. And then say good-bye to that item too. 

Photo by Lina Castaneda