5 Signs You're Off Your Path

Feeling stuck? In a rut? Do you feel like you’re on your path, off your path, on a dusty road, or maybe just taking the scenic route. Are we constantly creating new paths like Robert Frost’s The Road Less Traveled or is there a well-defined paved road we planned before we got down here? Sometimes I think free will is our ego taking weird detours.

Just how set in stone is the path set out by our Soul, Higher Self, or God? Can we transcend our path? Can we stumble off? Or are we always on it regardless of the occasional sh*t show? I don’t actually know the answers to any of these questions. But it did occur to me that there are some tell-tale signs to let us know when we’re a bit off course, or at least when we should pull the car over and take a closer look at the GPS. 

Here they are…

Engaging in Self Sabotaging Behaviors

Over-eating, over-shopping, over-drinking, or just about any over-anything is some sort of self-sabotaging activity. We all have our Achilles Heel that we turn to in stressful times. Regardless of what it is, see at as a sign that there is something out of balance or out of alignment in your life. Sure, engage in the mind numbing activity for a bit to reset, but don’t linger there. See it as a non-judgmental message to make a change. 

Lack of Synchronicity

We all love those days when the world just seems to flow. In Los Angeles, it’s when every parking meter you pull into has a green blinking light. The Universe sends me certain numbers, songs, and the right people when I’m in the flow. You know the signs for you. And you know that when you’re out of the flow, the energy just stops. Instead of the blinking green lights, it’s a $63 parking ticket. 

Home is a Mess

Your home is a reflection of you and your life. Take a look around your home - Is it messier than usual, cluttered, or simply in need of cleaning? Of course, the opposite could be a sign for the more uptight, OCD folks - is it too neat? Your home may be sending you other signs as well - from plumbing problems to ant infestations - all of which are listed in my book, Mind Body Home

Fear Lurks Around Every Corner

Are you constantly in fear of money, fear of the other shoe to drop, fear of your spouse leaving, fear that you won’t get the job. If so, then you most likely are a little off course or on your way to being so. Fear only attracts more fear. Catch it before you go down the rabbit hole. 

Remember your mission. 

Go to gratitude. 

Surrender to something bigger than yourself. 

Take the action steps you can right now.

Say affirmations. 

And then repeat the above.  

Physical Dis-Ease

Our body is always the red flag that tells us when we’re out of alignment, or at least need to take the sidelines for a while. It’s the densest of our energy bodies and thus becomes the last resort to letting us know something is amiss. This could range from a simple cold to a serious ailment. 

Ideally, you want to catch your thoughts and emotions before it gets to this point. For example, keep in check with the above four signs so that your body doesn’t have to take the brunt of it. However, sometimes it takes physical pain to get our attention. If unsure what your body is trying to tell you, then check out a mind-body book, such as Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life

Whether your path is paved, gravel, or a field of weeds, it takes constant conscious navigation. Here’s a quote that gives good direction on how to navigate yours. 

“So the deeper lesson is that adapting to the flow of life is more than reacting to things that just seem to happen. It requires our continual attention and movement with the life around us, the way underwater sea grass sways with the currents. For existence is a constant work in progress, not a still life, and like it or not, we are constant participants connected to everything in view or not.” -Mark Nepo from The Exquisite Risk: Daring to Live an Authentic Life