Does Feng Shui Really Work? Yes, But Probably Not the Way You Think

Whether it’s feng shui, the next Reiki session, angel card reading, or astrological alignment, many in the spiritual community have replaced the magic prescription pill for the magic spiritual pill. Feng shui is one of the worst culprits. Traditional feng shui cures can be a commercialistic heyday with frogs, geese, coins, tassels, and horses manufactured into cheap products and soaked in superstition.

After doing many interviews over the years on feng shui, I noticed that most interviewers wanted to hear the “magic pill” stories of feng shui. Stories where people met the person of their dreams the next day, won the lottery, or got a big job promotion. I do have those stories. But, instead, I will tell you how manifesting with feng shui really works. And it’s probably not what you think.  

According to Chinese metaphysics, one’s destiny is made up of three components: Heaven Luck, Earth Luck, and Human Luck. This is called the Cosmic Trinity. When these three Lucks are in alignment, that’s when magic happens. But there’s another component to this theory that has yet been discussed. It is the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is at the root of each of these Lucks and always at play. Let’s take a look at how to maximize each one to manifest your desires.

Heaven Luck 

Heaven Luck includes influences from your astrology, past life karmas, soul plan, and Divine intervention. This is the aspect that is most out of your hands. Or is it? If you are familiar with astrology, then you know the powerful influence it has on the course of your life. Maybe you want to start a business, or meet your soul mate, but it’s not always “in the stars” for you depending on what transits are coming and going, not to mention the growing pains set up in your natal chart. 

But the Law of Attraction is still at play. Your astrology transits are a part of your Law of Attraction because it is a part of your energy field that you are emitting out and attracting back. For example, if a Venus Jupiter transit is passing through your chart, that energy is automatically emitting through your vibrational field. In addition to the transits, each aspect of your natal chart has a vibrational resonance that is part of your energy field. Having awareness of what is alive and well in your energy field, i.e. an auspicious time to start a business or not, can assist you to consciously work with those energies. 

Another aspect of the Heaven Luck is our karmas, or samskaras in Sanskrit. Karma is leftover energy in your vibrational vortex from previous incarnations. It is unresolved or unrealized energy that gets transferred forward. In other words, Law of Attraction is still at play lifetime to lifetime. 

Karma often shows up in the form of soul contracts. Many prescribe to the belief that the only way to wrap up karma is through experience, for example, through a relationship where past issues are finally resolved. Reliving the past in different packaging with a different outcome is not the only way to resolve past karma.  Law of Attraction through focused intention on a new desire, or using particular healing modalities*, can trump, or at least, expedite, these karmas. Soul contracts can be nullified, if desired and when in alignment with the expansion of one’s soul. 

What about Divine intervention? Regardless of religious or spiritual beliefs, most people believe there are benevolent beings or forces acting on our behalf from the angelic realm or above. When we consciously call on these beings for help, they quickly arrive at our side. This too is the Law of Attraction – ask and receive. But what about when you sense angelic assistance, signs or messages even when you haven’t called upon them. 

Does this negate the theory of free will? Free will is just another word for the Law of Attraction. If angelic support shows up, you have given them permission on some level and attracted it, even if it was from your Higher Self. That being said, miracles and synchronicities are the x-factor that will always keep life mysterious. 

Human Luck

Human Luck consists of our choices and actions we take. For example, maybe you desire to start a business, but never take action on it. Action is the component of the Law of Attraction that is required for physical manifestation. This is essential to being incarnated in physical form. We are co-creating with Spirit and we’re the ones who have to take action in the 3D realm for manifestation and expansion. Spirit gives us guidance through our intuition and emotions, but we have to take action when inspiration comes. This is inspired action, as opposed to taking action from a reactive state when ego takes over. Taking inspired action is 33% of your destiny. 

Earth Luck

This is where feng shui comes into play. Earth Luck is the energetic alignment of your space, from your home’s energy to your neighborhood to your city. For example, let’s say you want to manifest a partner. Even if the perfect astrological transit is in your favor and your intentions are well-aligned, if your space is out of alignment you will experience some resistance in manifesting what you want, i.e., your Love Corner is clogged, or your nightstand is cluttered with love letters from your ex. However, if both Heaven and Human Luck are aligned and apply feng shui principles to your Love Corner or nightstand, then Voila! That’s when feng shui magic happens. 

Your environment must be in alignment to support your desires. Here’s why: Your home is an energetic expression of you. Think of it as an extension of your aura field, similar to your astrology chart, karmic patterns, thoughts, and intentions. All of these energetic components are swimming around you as a part of your energetic field that you are beaming out. When all of these are in alignment, that’s when you hit the bullseye (in the center of the chart) and you manifest your soul’s truest desires. 

When you make feng shui changes, it makes a powerful 33% punch because it is an actionable expression in the physical 3D world of your desire and therefore makes quite a statement when it comes to the Law of Attraction. Combine those feng shui changes with inspired action and call in some angelic assistance. Then when the stars align, you will meet the person of your dreams, get that book deal, or who knows, maybe even win the lottery. That’s how feng shui magic happens.