4 Design Trends That Are Bad Feng Shui

In the same way a dermatologist cringes when they see someone lay out in the sun, I do the same when I see people use certain décor items that are ‘bad’ feng shui. 

Even though these trends are tempting, they can take the swag out of our shui. Just because certain items are available and may even look good, that doesn’t mean they are good. Let’s start with mirrors!

Mirror Mirror on the Wall


Who’s the fairest of them all? Not you, when you distort yourself. That’s right, these fun mirror wall arrangements throw a real curve ball into your room. And if you use an arrangement of mirrors to get ready in, you will have a distorted view of yourself in the world. 

Mirrors serve a lot of good uses in feng shui, but can also manipulate the energy in a room. When you use a combination of mirrors, you are wielding around a bunch of energy that you’re most likely not aware of. 

Even the savviest of feng shui consultants would be challenged to use such combinations with success. I did recently buy a trio of mirrors that came in a set. I wanted to use one of them as a feng shui remedy. The other two went to goodwill. 

Who Else is Here?


While I’m on a mirror kick, let’s talk about those mirrors that come attached to dressers. Don’t do it! If you already have, then un-assemble immediately. Place a dreamy landscape about the dresser instead or, better yet, a picture of you and your love. 

Dressers are usually in the bedroom and you don’t want mirrors in the bedroom. This combo should be illegal. Mirrors create too much energy for a restful sleep. And put a mirror across from the bed… and you invite a third party into the relationship. Play at your own risk.

Unite Not Divide


I’ve yet to see a room divider that didn’t split the energy in the room. Oh wait, that’s what they’re for. Exactly. Room dividers split the chi in a room and this is inherently not a good thing. 

Screen dividers are also used to hide things. Whatever you’re trying to hide needs to come out of the closet and either be thrown away or stored appropriately. If you’re using a divider to split functions in a room, nice try. It never works… very well. 

I’m open to being wrong on a screen divider that adds positive energy to a room, instead of depletes energy. One exception is if they are being used as art and not for the purpose of splitting the room or hiding things, or for a wardrobe changing area. 

Short Plant Syndrome


I know these little guys are revered in Japan and who can’t resist how cute they are. But they are considered bad in its Asian counterpart - feng shui. Why? They are stunted. You don’t want the energy of stuntedness in your home.  Unless you collect them. And then we have to really talk about why you are selling yourself short in life.  

One exception to the bad feng shui rule is if you or your culture has a personal positive association with bonsais. And if that’s the case you probably know how to actually keep them alive too. 

Just because people and companies sell certain items, doesn’t make them good feng shui. And just because something looks cute doesn’t make it right. Perhaps one day, items will come with a feng shui compliant marking like organic foods do.

Tisha Morris6 Comments