Coming Home: Finding Our Way Home Through Emotional Times

If you’ve felt yourself in an endless pursuit of finding a sense of home, you’re not alone. The 4th house of the zodiac is ruled by the sign of Cancer and pertains to all things home-related - our physical and emotional home. The archetype is the Mother. Our physical home is our second skin and you can think of it as our adult womb. Who doesn’t love the comforts of home. All of these themes have been up for all of us in some way as the North Node has been in Cancer since November 2018. 

The North Node transits a sign every 2 1/2 years with the current Cancer North Node wrapping up in May 2020. The North Node shows us what our focus is on and where our growth point is, personally and collectively. 

During this time, you may have noticed yourself moving into a new home or redecorating a current home. If you are in your desired home, maybe you’ve had more interest in applying feng shui principles. Or, maybe you’re redefining what home is and what gives you us a sense of home aside from a physical abode.

For some, it may feel like an exhaustive search of finding home as is the case with so many migrants. And for others, the desire to transition back to our true home has become insurmountable.

As a Cancer sign myself, I know a major challenge for all Cancers is feeling at home irregardless of a physical home and ultimately finding home within ourselves. This has been a paradox in my work with spaces. My focus on the home is all for the purpose of finding our emotional heart-centered self. This is our collective challenge now.  

In the pursuit for a sense of home during this transit, many people are moving geographically, ending and starting new jobs, and partnering with new people, personally and professionally.

This is all part of finding home and, to some extent, hunkering down for an astrologically-predicted tumultuous 2020. After moving fifteen times in the last ten years, I finally surrendered to finding home within, which was immediately followed by settling into a permanent home and in a relationship that always feels like home. 

Has your concept of home changed this past year? How can you feel more at home even if you’re not in your desired physical space? Let your inner emotional home be your guide.  

Photo by Breno Assis

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