The Story Behind the Earth Home Smudge Spray

My Dad was the town's pharmacist and everyone knew where to go for a cure - whether it was for their prescription or his sage advice on what they needed to do differently in their life.

My first job at age 7 was working at his store. While my dad was formulating and compounding elixirs, I dusted shelves, ran the cash register, and smiled at customers.

As it turned out working at my dad's store turned me off of ever having the urge to be a pharmacist. Instead, I set off on the path of law, not medicine.

Years later, I realized that continuing to practice law would require me taking medicine.

So I made a 180-degree turn and entered into the healing arts. My aversion to prescriptions and hospitals became the driving force behind my passion. I wanted to help people before the stressors of life drove them to be at the mercy of pain, pills, and insurance companies.

I became a yoga instructor and energy healer to help prevent dis-ease before reaching the physical body, or reversing what had already taken root in the body. Although it seemed random at the time, I also followed my desire to work with homes and obtained an Interior Design degree. My mom’s artistic and design skills had rubbed off on me. In high school, we would spread out on the kitchen table drawing up blueprints and picking out finishes for their dream home.

There are no coincidences in our life paths and this is where the road converges in my story.

After renovating my own house, I discovered what a powerful healing tool our homes can be. I began studying feng shui and combined it with energy healing and interior design. One of my favorite aspects about practicing feng shui became space clearing.

Space clearing is a method of clearing negative or stagnant energy in spaces with sage smudging being the most common method. I loved space clearing my clients’ homes, but would come home smelling like I'd been at a bar all day.

I knew there had to be a better way and decided to come up with a clean, smoke-free spray that would clear a space just as effectively, if not more, that traditional sage. My intent was to space clear as many spaces as possible without, well, actually being there.

The formula came to me in a Divine way and I instantly knew I had the perfect formula. Not only did it smell amazing, but it dramatically cleared the energy. I could sense an instantaneous shift of energy in a room after using it. Even people not sensitive to energy notice a lightness to the room after using it.

For the packaging, I wanted to use amber-colored bottles with a vintage apothecary label. I didn’t realize that this was no coincidence until the first shipment of bottles arrived. The clanking of the glass bottles instantly took me back to those days working at my dad's store. I had visions of those brown cough syrup bottles on the shelves I was dusting and realized how full circle my life had come. There are no coincidences in life.

Like a good book, there is a purpose to everything we experience that comes and goes in our life.

My mission continues to be to provide preventative medicine for our mind, body, and homes. I envision a world where we naturally live in harmony with our spaces, environment and the planet… a world where pain and pills no longer exist.

Tisha MorrisComment