Subliminal Messages, Feng Shui, and Creating Your Conscious Reality

Studies have shown that subliminal messages can boost self confidence on and off the field using positive visual images, words, or symbols. Of course, the same thing can happen with negative messages. Subliminal messaging was actually banned by the FTC in the 1970s as a deceptive advertising practice. 

Subliminal messages are flashed in a millisecond to bypass the conscious mind and go straight to the subconscious. But what about static images, words, or symbols? Images and symbols are the language of the subconscious mind. This is why our dreams are simply a collection of symbols tacked together to create some semblance of a story. 

As a feng shui practitioner, I’ve found that one’s home is no different.

Even if a piece of art was consciously selected, your subconscious mind may have been drawn to certain images or symbols for reasons you’re not consciously aware while also affecting you daily.  

My first feng shui client was a young woman with a history of broken relationships. Hanging in her Love corner was a piece of art depicting a bloodied heart with an arrow through it. She had purchased it a few years prior because she resonated with the image of heartbreak. Although she consciously selected it for that time in her life, the image continued to linger in her subconscious mind as a subliminal message every day to continue to attract more heartbreak. And it had. 

Similarly, I’ve had dozens of single female clients attempting to attract love who had artful images of single women, usually hanging in the bedroom. This is why you may have heard the feng shui no-no of having 1s or 3s in the bedroom, i.e. a single bird, a single woman, or three women. Numbers are one of the oldest symbols in our collective consciousness and thus our subconscious mind is counting, even if you’re not. 

Another client was a history buff businessman. Above his desk hung a painting depicting a war scene where a ship was sinking. He couldn’t understand why his business was not doing well. Although he consciously selected the art for its historical reference, his subconscious mind saw something different every single day he went to work: sinking. 

It’s not only through art that subliminal messages can appear in your home. It could be words on the spine of a book, a broken table leg, an unhinged door, or a single nightstand. Instead of having subliminal messages create what you don’t want, why not consciously place subliminal messages symbolizing what you do want.

In the study mentioned above, participants were flashed the words “spry” and “creative.” As a result, positive age stereotypes were strengthened. This is the purpose of why creating a vision board has caught on. It’s working with the conscious and subconscious mind. But your world is more than a 16”x24” poster board. It’s the entirety of your home because your home is an externalization of your mind and body. 

Look around your home with complete objectivity and see if you notice any images, words, or symbols. If you’re unclear on a meaning, you can consult a dream dictionary to see what your subconscious mind may be picking up.

Secondly, start to find creative ways to place positive symbols, images, and words throughout your home. In traditional feng shui, this was done though animal symbols specific to Chinese culture. Now it’s your turn to be your own feng shui master and create your conscious reality. 

Photo by Ian Schneider

Tisha MorrisComment