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5 Signs You're Off Your Path

Feeling stuck? In a rut? Do you feel like you’re on your path, off your path, on a dusty road, or maybe just taking the scenic route? Are we constantly creating new paths like Robert Frost’s The Road Less Traveled or is there a well-defined paved road we planned before we got down here? Sometimes I think free will is our ego taking weird detours.

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When I was child I had a particularly poignant moment with a blank piece of notebook paper. We have so many moments, conversations, and stories throughout our life. Those we still remember are memorable. This was one of those.

I contemplated things the Baptist church couldn’t answer, or maybe I wasn’t content with their answers. One night my seven-year old self was having a moment with God. I decided to place a piece of notebook paper on my yellow beanbag. I asked God, “If you’re really real, then move this paper by the time I wake up.” That would be my proof.

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Does Free Will Really Exist?

Most spiritual books will tell you that Earth is a grand experiment in free will. We have free will to make choices and when/if we would like angelic or divine support to intervene, we can then call on for their help. I have accepted this as truth, but have recently been pondering this concept of free will.

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