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Does Feng Shui Really Work? Yes, But Probably Not the Way You Think

After doing many interviews over the years on feng shui, I noticed that most interviewers wanted to hear the “magic pill” stories of feng shui. Stories where people met the person of their dreams the next day, won the lottery, or got a big job promotion. I do have those stories. But, instead, I will tell you how manifesting with feng shui really works. And it’s probably not what you think.  

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5 Signs You're Off Your Path

Feeling stuck? In a rut? Do you feel like you’re on your path, off your path, on a dusty road, or maybe just taking the scenic route? Are we constantly creating new paths like Robert Frost’s The Road Less Traveled or is there a well-defined paved road we planned before we got down here? Sometimes I think free will is our ego taking weird detours.

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When I was child I had a particularly poignant moment with a blank piece of notebook paper. We have so many moments, conversations, and stories throughout our life. Those we still remember are memorable. This was one of those.

I contemplated things the Baptist church couldn’t answer, or maybe I wasn’t content with their answers. One night my seven-year old self was having a moment with God. I decided to place a piece of notebook paper on my yellow beanbag. I asked God, “If you’re really real, then move this paper by the time I wake up.” That would be my proof.

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Does Free Will Really Exist?

Most spiritual books will tell you that Earth is a grand experiment in free will. We have free will to make choices and when/if we would like angelic or divine support to intervene, we can then call on for their help. I have accepted this as truth, but have recently been pondering this concept of free will.

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