A Guide to Using Crystals in Spaces

A Guide to Using Crystals in Spaces

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Crystals have been used for their healing properties for as long as history has been recorded and continue to be used by healers. Stones can be used on the body for protection, various healing purposes, relaxation, enhanced psychic abilities, or attracting certain energies. Crystals can also be used in your home for these same purposes.

Contents include: 53 pages and an index of the 33 best crystals and where to place them.

In the Guide to Using Crystal in Spaces, you will learn:

  • How to Program Your Crystal 
  • How to Cleanse Your Crystal
  • How to Use Crystals With the Bagua Map
  • A detailed list of the best 33 crystals to use in spaces 

Discover the Best Crystals for: 

  • Protecting Against Unwanted Energies
  • Protecting Against Electromagnetic Frequencies
  • To Attract or Enhance Love
  • To Attract or Enhance Wealth

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