Five Elements for Everyday Living Webinar

Five Elements for Everyday Living Webinar



Discover how the Five Elements are part of our everyday living from the clothes we wear, jewelry, home selections, daily activities, our vital organ systems, and office furnishings.

You will learn how to use the elements to enhance the energy of your wardrobe, home office, daily activities, and other areas of your life.

In the webinar, you will see through imagery how the five elements weave through every area of our life as they mimic the sacred geometry, shapes, numbers, and colors all as a replication of nature.

You will learn how to recognize the dominant element in others and how to enhance and balance your energy for optimal productivity and success. In doing so, you will experience better health, more harmonious relationships, and an improved flow of happiness and overall prosperity.

Decorators intuitively balance the Five Elements through patterns, textures, contrasts, and colors. Even if you are not naturally inclined to decorating, you will have a new eye for decorating by understanding the Five Elements. They are in essence the science behind decorating.

We can use our home’s decor to not only decorate in a new and exciting way, but also to bring balance to our self. When you come home, you really are coming home to a healing sanctuary.

Great for feng shui practitioners, designers This approx. 2-hour webinar is perfect for artists, designers, fashionistas, stylists, and jewelry makers wanting to add specific energy, intention, or psychology to their work, or anyone interested in bringing more balance into your life!

It is also ideal for feng shui practitioners wanting to deepen their understanding of the elements in all areas of life, including the home. Each element is covered to give you a deeper understanding of each of their energies. (The cycles are not covered.)

Upon purchase, you will be directed to a private YouTube link for viewing.

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