Feng Shui Webinar Bundle

Feng Shui Webinar Bundle


Get all 3 videos with this webinar bundle! A total of 3 hours of practical feng shui wisdom and tips you can apply immediately.

Using Your Home as a Manifesting Tool

In this video presentation, Tisha shows you just how related your energy is with your home’s energy and to use it as a magnet to manifest what you want.

You will see your home through a new lens! Your home is a giant vision board emitting out your energy and your desires. Is it in alignment with what you want? Tisha will help you uncover where you may be sabotaging yourself and how to enhance the energy to start attracting things into your life. It’s all right under your roof!

Length: Approximately 1 hour with the last 5-10 minutes based on questions from live recording.

Feng Shui for Attracting (and Maintaining) Relationships

In this one-hour video webinar, Tisha shows you all the Do’s and Don’ts for attracting and maintaining great relationships. This webinar covers what to know about feng shui in the master bedroom and in the Love corner of the Bagua Map.

Tisha shows you the common sabotages with relationships, as well as how to use your space to attract relationships, from what to clear out of your space to what to add to your space.

Feng Shui for the Workplace

In this one-hour video webinar, Tisha helps you feng shui your workspace – from a home office to a corporation. Is your work space in alignment with your work? Tisha will show you how the energy of your works space is a direct reflection of your business and how to be more in alignment with your work.

Also included are clutter and organization tips to free your space of visual clutter to improve productivity. Find out if your desk is in the power position and how this one change can have an immediate positive impact on your business.

Upon purchase, you will receive a private YouTube link for viewing.

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