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Television Appearances

News Channel 5 - Nashville, Talk of the Town, 5 Elements of Feng Shui

ABC, The Lookout, June 2013

KCAL 9 - Los Angeles - Tisha Morris Shares Eco-Friendly Items for Your Home

News Channel 5 - Nashville TN, Talk of the Town, Creating a Sanctuary in Your Home

3 Plus You, WRCB 3 NBC, Chattanooga, TN

Talk of the Town, News Channel 5, Nashville

Better Nashville, WSMV Channel 4, Nashville

Radio & podcast 

Moments With Marianne, Interview with Tisha Morris - Clutter Intervention

Inspired Conversations With Linda Joy, Feng Shui and the Art of Decluttering

The Adult Chair podcast w/ Michelle Chalfant, Start Your Feng Shui Journey

Inipi Radio w/ Jared Angaza, The Awe of Feng Shui

Passing 4 Normal Podcast w/ Sharon Weil, Change Your Home, Change Your Life

All Things Therapy w/ Lisa Tahir, LA Talk Radio, Interview with Tisha Morris and Second Interview - Feng Shui for the Holidays

Living From Happiness Podcast, Feng Shui & Happiness

Soul Talk With Patty Malek, How Your Home Affects Your Health

BlissenUp With Rachel Lang, UBN Radio Show, Decorating With the 5 Elements

Pure Pollino UBN Radio Show, Feng Shui Your Home

Martha Stewart Radio, Living Today w/ Ryan Brockington

Dr. Jennifer Howard's A Conscious Life, Feng Shui Your Life

The Day I Quit Podcast, From Corporate Law to Feng Shui, Tisha Morris Makes a 180 Degree Switch

The Art of Joyful Living, Feng Shui Your Life with Tisha Morris

HealthyLife.Net, Green Home & Feng Shui

Aware Talk Radio, Interview with Tisha Morris

Web Talk Radio.net, Inside Job Jail, Want to Change Your Job? Change Your Energy

Universal Spiritual Connection, Blog Talk Radio, The Natural Rhythm of Feng Shui

Southside Broadcasting in Middlesborough, England, Feng Shui Your Life

We Are One in Spirit Podcast, Spiritual Insight Behind the Nashville Flood

About tisha

Tisha Morris is a feng shui expert, intuitive business and life coach, and self-help author of CLUTTER INTERVENTION: How Your Stuff is Keeping You Stuck (Llewellyn Worldwide 2018), Decorating With the Five Elements of Feng Shui (Llewellyn 2015), Mind Body Home: Transform Your Life One Room at a Time (Llewellyn 2012), and Feng Shui Your Life: The Quick Guide to Decluttering Your Home and Renewing Your Life (Turner Publishing 2010).

Prior to entering the healing arts, Tisha practiced law and obtained a Fine Arts degree in Interior Design. She is a certified feng shui consultant, life coach, energy healer, and yoga instructor. Tisha is based in Los Angeles and works one-on-one with clients in their homes and businesses and also facilitates workshops and certification trainings. She is the founder Earth Home School of Feng Shui, host of Feng Shui Your Life podcast, creator of the Earth Home product line - including the Original Smudge Spray®, and Feng Shui for the Planet - a social initiative to help promote better living spaces across the globe.



Tisha was a practicing attorney for over 10 years, in addition to clerking for two federal judges. During this time, she was published in numerous law journals and cited as persuasive authority to the Supreme Court in a landmark case.

Soon after discovering her love for yoga, she had a series or premonitory dreams where she tapped into her creativity and her real passion of working with the subtle realms of energy. She then pursued her passion of working in the holistic arts. 

As a feng shui expert, interior designer, and energy healer, Tisha combines traditional feng shui techniques, design aesthetics, and intuition to turn challenging spaces into supportive environments to help improve the lives of all those who live and encounter the space.

Tisha works with homes, businesses, corporations, land builders, and non-profit organizations to help improve spaces by using feng shui, space clearing, interior design, interior decorating, clutter clearing, five element analysis, and land healing. Tisha also works one-on-one with clients with business and life coaching. Tisha is the owner of Earth Home LLC  with its flagship product being The Original Smudge Spray®.

Website & Blog Appearances

Aspire Magazine, Is Your Clutter Keeping You Stuck in Past Relationships?

LA Yoga Magazine, Create Space at Home for Happy Holidays

Spirituality & Health, What's Your Element?

Elle Decor.com, Yes, Your Home Has a Fortune

OK! Magazine, Feng Shui for the Real Housewives

Glamour.com, How to Feng Shui Your Bedroom

Conscious Lifestyle Magazine, The Art of Feng Shui

My Soulful Home, Decorating With the Five Elements of Feng Shui

Lifestyle Mirror, Tisha Morris Talks Feng Shui Basics

Baby Zone, 5 Ways to Feng Shui Your Nursery

About.com Furniture, Tisha Morris Talks About Feng Shui

KrisCarr.com - Change Your Kitchen, Change Your Diet

StyleBlueprint - Faces of Nashville

Contributor to MindBodyGreen.com

Capital Style, Daily Dish - Feng Shui Your Life

CrazySexyLife.com - 4 Ways to Create a Holistic Home

The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur - How to Create an Energetic Work Environment

YourHome.ca - 10-Minute Feng Shui Fixes for Your Home

St. Louis At Home blog – Feng Shui: Silly or Sage?

ShareYoga.com – Om Sweet Om: 5 Steps to Create a Sacred Space for Yoga at Home

Feng Shui the Baby Nursery in 6 Steps

The Wheel of Life.org - An Interview with Tisha Morris

Magazines & Newspapers

Experience Life / April 2013 / The Emotional Toll of Clutter

Nashville Lifestyles / May 2012 / Elements of Style

Winston-Salem Monthly/ March 2011 / A Feng Shui Home Healing

The Toronto Star/ September 14, 2010/ 10-Minute Feng Shui Fixes For Your Home

Examiner.com/August 11, 2010/Author Tisha Morris and 27 home Feng Shui Ideals

Design NJ Magazine/June-July 2010, Review of 27 Things

ABA Journal- GP Solo Magazine, July/August 2010, How to Feng Shui Your Office

The Phoenix-Spirit, Review of 27 Things

Northern Indiana Lakes Magazine/May 2010, Review of 27 Things

Nashville Scene, Review of 27 Things to Feng Shui Your Home

New Jersey Star-Ledger, Clear Your Mind With a Clutter-Free Home

Denver Post - In HouseFeng Shui the Easy Way

At Home Tennessee:

October 2009 – Designer Spotlight: Harmonious Living

April 2010 – Q&A with Author Tisha Morris of 27 Things to Feng Shui Your Home